Purchase the Pallet House

Purchase the Pallet House Plans of I-Beam Design

Drawings include: pdf plans, sections, elevations, photos, diagrams, renderings and materials/ tools list - $75


Pallet House License Agreement

Grant of License: In consideration of payment for these drawings and specifications, I-Beam Design grants you, the Licensee, a nonexclusive right to use and to construct ONE structure from these documents within two (2) years of payment. Additional licenses and extension of this License may be obtained by contacting the I-Beam office. Except for the licenses granted in this Article, no other license or right shall be deemed granted or implied. The Licensee shall not assign, delegate, sub-license, pledge or otherwise transfer any license granted herein to another party without the prior written agreement of I-Beam. Any unauthorized use of these documents shall be at the Licensee’s sole risk and without liability to I-Beam or its affiliates or consultants.

Copies: One plan copy provided. Your license agreement allows you to copy additional sets, but only as needed for your project.Local Conditions: These documents are intended to meet generally accepted design requirements. However, THEY ARE NOT STAMPED ARCHITECTURAL DRAWINGS. I-Beam does not ensure that they are appropriate for use in your specific local conditions jurisdiction or that they will meet all requirements of your local code enforcement agency. Licensee agrees that before attempting to obtain necessary zoning, building or trade permits, and before commencing construction, Licensee will ENGAGE AND CONSULT WITH AN APPROPRIATELY LICENSED ARCHITECT OR ENGINEER and contractor to review and/or modify these documents as necessary to suit local laws, ordinances and regulations and conditions. Failure to consult with or engage the appropriate design professional shall void Licensee’s license to use these documents. 

Liability: Neither I-Beam, nor anyone else who has been involved in the creation, production, or delivery of these documents or the design embodied herein shall be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential, or incidental damages arising from the use of these documents. 

Purchase: All sales are final. No refunds

General Notes & Disclaimers

1) These drawings have been prepared to meet generally accepted professional standards and practices, but have been developed without reference to the Licensee’s specific site or geographical location. THESE ARE NOT STAMPED ARCHITECTURAL DRAWINGS. No foundation design has been provided. Local site conditions, such as frost depth, soil bearing capacity, seismic and wind zones, potential natural disasters (floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc.), exposure, etc. may vary significantly. Local code requirements for such life-safety requirements as stair width, stair rise and run, egress windows and smoke detectors, etc. may vary from those shown herein. The strength of materials selected and used by Licensee (such as lumber), as well as locally-available hardware and fasteners, also may vary. 

Each municipality, county and state in the United States and Canada as well as other countries has its own building codes and regulations, and its own zoning laws and other ordinances. Your plan may need to be modified to comply with local requirements. Licensee may need to obtain permits from, and allow inspections by, local government agencies before and during construction. Soil, climate, along with your local codes and regulations, can affect any foundation and building design.

Some municipalities, cities and states also require you to have a licensed architect or engineer review and affix a "seal" to your plans prior to construction. As stated above, THESE DOCUMENTS ARE NOT STAMPED AND SEALED PLANS and, as is, are NOT suitable for submittal to local code officials for permits in most locations.

Therefore, it is the Licensee’s responsibility to consult with his/her local builder and an appropriately licensed professional designer or structural engineer to review and supplement these documents as necessary, and act as the design professional of record, in order to meet all current federal, state/provincial and local codes, ordinances/bylaws and regulations, etc., and to accommodate specific site conditions. Compliance with such requirements shall take precedence over any requirement of these documents.

NOTE WELL: Be sure to have your foundation plans reviewed and, if necessary, modified by a structural engineer in your area before the start of construction, even if your local officials don't require that you do so.

2) Any use of this information without adaptation to changes in codes, standards, site conditions and other factors by a qualified and appropriately licensed design professional is at the Licensee’s sole risk. I-Beam assumes no responsibility for changes made to these plans by others and makes no warranties, either expressed or implied, in the use of these plans. In the event that the Licensee uses these documents without further engaging I-Beam, the Licensee releases I-Beam and its affiliates and consultants from all claims, lawsuits, and causes of action, and waives all such claims. The Licensee further agrees, to the fullest extent permitted by law, to defend and indemnify and hold harmless I-Beam, its affiliates and consultants, from all claims, costs, losses or damages asserted by any third party or entity, including claims arising from personal injury or death, property damage, or economic loss, resulting from the Licensee’s use of these documents, including the cost of defense, legal fees and other costs.

3) Before starting construction, it is the Licensee’s responsibility to have your Builder check all dimensions and details, and verify conformance with governing design requirements and code requirements for the geographic area in which the house is to be built. All structural and other requirements shall also be reviewed before materials are ordered and/or construction begins. In any case, where code requirements conflict with the drawings, or dimensions conflict with scale drawings, Licensee shall notify Licensee’s architect or engineer

4) I-Beam has not been engaged for construction supervision of any kind and assumes no responsibility to ensure that construction conforms to these plans, nor has any responsibility for construction means, methods, techniques, sequences, procedures or safety precautions in connection with the work.

5) I-Beam retains ownership of the construction documents and all subsequent copies of the works regardless of the form of the original and other copies. This is not a sale of the original documents whatsoever.

6) These drawings and specifications are the intellectual property of I—Beam Design and are protected under the United States Copyright Law (Title 17, United States Code), specifically the Architectural Works Copyright Protection Act (1990, as amended) and the Berne Convention for the International Protection of Literary and Artistic Works (1886). Federal copyright protection extends to architectural works constructed from original and modified derivative plans, and the concepts and designs contained therein, and applies to both intentional and unintentional infringements. Unauthorized copying of these documents is expressly forbidden. The Licensee is granted the right to make copies as needed for the construction of one (1) building per plan purchase. Any other copying or use is unauthorized. The Licensee may be held legally responsible for any copyright infringement that is caused or encouraged by the failure to adhere to the terms of this agreement. Penalties for such infringement may be up to $250,000 per occurrence, plus attorney fees.


You will receive a digital version of the construction kit within 24-48 hours.